Helpful hints for booking/planning a party!

How to book

Booking a soft play party

1. Please call us on 01629 534561 to check availability
2. Complete a booking form on our website on the following page: Soft Play Parties
3. Complete a Soft Play Terms and Conditions and Play Agreement along with a Soft Play Attendance List 2017 and email to or bring these to the Centre on the day of the party

Booking an adventure party

1. Please call us on 01629 534561 to check availability
2. Complete a booking form on our website on the following page: Adventure Parties
3. Complete an Adventure Party Parental Consent Form 2018 for all children attending the party and email to or bring these to the Centre on the day of the party

How to pay

You can make a payment in the following ways:

Debit card – call the Centre office on 01629 534561
Cheque – made payable to ‘Derbyshire County Council’
Cash – payable at Lea Green Centre main office Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
When payment is required by can be found on individual booking forms.

What to wear

For soft play parties, please remember to bring socks to wear, shoes or bare feet are not permitted in the indoor soft play area.

Kit list for adventure parties:

  • Waterproof coat
  • Warm coat / jacket for activities
  • Woolly hat and gloves or sun hat and sun lotion (check the forecast)
  • Water bottle
  • Wellingtons / walking boots / trainers
  • Indoor shoes (trainers / plimsolls)
  • A change of clothes

Arrival and departure times

Soft play parties

On arrival at Lea Green Centre, please park at the front of the main house and make your way round the tennis courts to the back of the Sports Hall, the soft play area is located within this building. A member of Lea Green Centre staff will be waiting to welcome you.

Please be prepared to arrive and depart at the following times, to allow for setup and clearing away. If you are providing your own food, please be advised you will need to clear the area before another soft play party session begins.

9.30-11.30am party (arrive at 9.15am, depart by 11.45am)
12.15-2.15pm party (arrive at 12pm, depart by 2.30pm)
3-5pm party (arrive at 2.45pm, depart by 5.15pm)

Adventure parties

On arrival at Lea Green Centre, please park at the front of the main house and make your way to the main reception. A member of Lea Green Centre staff will be waiting to welcome you.

Please be prepared to arrive at the following times:

10am to 12.30pm party (arrive at 9.45am, cottage kitchen or potting shed available for party food from 12.30-1pm)
1.30pm to 4pm party (arrive at 1.15pm, cottage kitchen or potting shed available for party food from 4-4.30pm)

Adult supervision

Please be aware that at least one adult (i.e.parent/guardian) needs to be present during arrival and departure times and the entire party session, to assist with supervision of the group.

During soft play parties, there will be a first aid trained Lea Green Centre member of staff on-hand throughout the party but it is the responsibility of the group to supervise soft play use.


Do you cater for special diets?

We cater for a wide range of dietary requirements not limited to gluten free, vegetarian and dairy free. Please note, Halal diets will be offered the vegetarian option.

A knife and matches are available on request if you are having a birthday cake, just ask the member of development staff supervising your party for these on the day.

Please let us know on your Booking Form and Consent Form if your child has any allergies or special diets. We can then prepare properly for their visit. If your child has serious allergies or you are concerned about any aspect of the catering service, please feel free to contact our housekeeping team.

(Please note, we cannot always fulfil brand-specific requests – please feel free to discuss this with our housekeeping staff if you have any questions.)

What self-catering facilities are available for soft play parties?

Self-catering facilities include:

  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Kettle
  • Sink and washing up equipment
  • Cling-film and foil
  • Vacuum cleaners

The following items are available to use within the soft play kitchen area:

  • 44 x plastic beakers
  • 31 x plastic bowls
  • 27 x plastic plates
  • 10 x mugs / knives / forks / spoons
  • 5 x trays
  • 4 x plastic jugs / plastic glasses
  • 3 x tea, coffee, sugar caddies / chopping boards
  • 2 x teapots
  • 1 x milk jug

What self-catering facilities are available for adventure parties?

For adventure parties, our cottage kitchen (seats up to 12) or potting shed (seats up to 24) are available for use from 12.30-1pm if booking a morning party or 4-4.30pm if booking an afternoon party – both make ideal venues for tea parties!

The cottage kitchen self-catering facilities include:

• Fridge
• Cooker
• Microwave
• Sink and washing up equipment
• Cling-film and foil

The following items are available to use and are stored in the cottage kitchen:

20 x dinner plates / breakfast plates / side plates / bowls / mugs / coloured beakers / coloured plates / knives / forks / spoons / teaspoons
16 x coloured bowls
9 x egg cups
4 x slotted spoons
3 x serving spoons
2 x large plastic jugs / small pans / large jugs / small bowls
1 x teapot / toast rack / large pan / frying pan / set of 3 pans / grater / large fork / carving knife / salt and pepper pot / large bowl / tea, coffee, sugar canisters

If you choose to provide your own food, your group will be responsible for clearing up before departure.

The Centre and our staff

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes. As part of Derbyshire County Council, Lea Green Centre has public liability insurance.

Groups and individuals wishing to insure against personal injury, cancellation, loss or damage and ill heath are advised to take out appropriate insurance.

Do you have a license for activities?

Yes. As an outdoor education and learning centre delivering adventurous activities for young people, we are required in law to be inspected and assessed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Service (AALS) on the safety and quality of our provision.

Are you only available for people in Derbyshire?

No! Lea Green Centre is available for everyone, everywhere!

Do you change activities if the weather is wet?

There’s no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing! If we stopped activities for rain, we’d never be out there – this is Derbyshire after all!

But seriously, we generally provide young people with good quality waterproofs and run our planned activities regardless of the rain.

However, if there are safety implications linked to heavy rainfall, we may amend the party programme. For example, if the stream is very full, we may replace your stream walk with another activity.

Do you change activities if it’s snowing?

As with the last question, we try wherever possible to continue with the planned programme of activities despite the snow, unless there is a safety reason not to.

We often find that groups enjoy some activities even more when there’s a layer of the white stuff underfoot. GPS navigation and orienteering takes on a whole new meaning, and there’s nothing better than a toasted marshmallow over the bushcraft fire when it’s freezing!

Advice on valuable items:

We prefer that you leave electronic equipment, mobile phones and valuable items at home, and we advise against wearing any new or white clothing! Any items brought to the Centre will be held at the individual’s own risk and the Centre will not be held responsible should they be lost or damaged.

Are your staff first aid trained?

Yes. All our development staff complete a two day first aid course every three years, incorporating primary and secondary care, CPR and AED (defibrillator) training.

What should parents/guardians do about medical conditions and illness?

When completing your Booking Form and Consent Form, please give us as much information as possible about any medical conditions, illnesses or medication your child has.

If your child develops an illness whilst at Lea Green Centre, we will assess the seriousness and will either encourage them to stay with the support of our staff, ask you as a parent to collect them or arrange for transport home, or arrange for professional medical care.

Do you provide carers / support workers?

No, our instructors are very experienced in working with people who have disabilities and additional needs. However, we do not provide personal care, and request that carers, support workers or family members come along if a participant requires this.

Do you lend out any equipment?

We can provide a limited number of waterproof jackets and trousers and wellington boots for groups to use while they’re here.

All specialist equipment (harnesses, helmets, buoyancy aids etc) is provided as part of the party.

How secure is Lea Green Centre?

To ensure the security of our visitors here at Lea Green, we have door codes on external doors.

All visitors report to reception on arrival and are issued with name badges and the front gates are closed at night.

Can we come and have a look around first?

Yes! For some people with additional needs, especially those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, learning difficulties or behavioural issues, a pre-visit can often be very reassuring.

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